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26 Jan




Week 3!!!

25 Jan

After an incredibly indulgent (and delicious) happy food day on Saturday, I got right back to work to eating healthier.  I made a delish chicken tortilla soup that came out WAY too spicy but tasty nonetheless.

I’m on a new kind of regimen for exercise.  Body For Life’s upper and lower body exercises may be awesome but they are pretty time consuming and difficult to do at my gym (not enough benches and smaller weights).  Instead, I’m modifying those workouts.  To prepare for Army condition, I’ve started 100 Pushups, 200 Situps and will start 200 Squats tomorrow.  They are basic, interval training programs that are designed to help you reach the goal of completing exactly what they are named (depending on your beginning fitness level, of course).

My first set of goals include:  20 continuous push ups in 2 minutes max, 50 sit ups in two minutes max and 20 minutes for the 2 mile run

I’m less concerned about squats since those are really to just help build lean muscle on my legs.  🙂

I’ve changed over to Body For Life style of eating but kept the influence of the 4 Hour Body.  I’m eating more beans than I used to in general and am trying to get my carbs from good sources when I do eat them (mostly veggies still).  I’ve also added cottage cheese and some fruits back in.  I’ve missed them so that’s yummy too.

I’m eating every 3 hours or so because I’ve found that they work better with my schedule and help me stay full throughout the day.  Most school days look like this:

Breakfast – 7:30am     1 or 2 whole eggs and a few egg whites with some sort of carb

Snack – 10:30am     Energy bar and whey protein or cottage cheese, a little fruit and a hardboiled egg

Lunch – 12:45/1:00pm    Whatever my latest cookup is…something that includes protein, good carbs and veggies

Snack – 3:30/4:00pm    Another snack similar to morning snack

Dinner – 7:00ishpm    Dinner that looks a lot like lunch

I really love throwing together some healthier tuna salad and putting that on top of a bed of lettuce (normally spinach or spring mix).  MMmmmmm.  Cooking in bigger batches is definitely the way to go for me because I am super lazy when it comes to making lunches.  I’d much rather be able to grab a tupperware from the fridge that has all I need in it already.

So far, so good!!  Time to read and then RUN!!!!

Saturday = Cheat Day

22 Jan

Foooooood comaaaaaaaaaaaa


That’s all I’ve got.

Going Strong! BFL Day 12, 4HB Week 3!

21 Jan

I’m still going strong with the healthy diet and exercise even though school just started again.  Wednesdays present a problem since I teach at night, so I think I’ll need to get up early from now on (wah wahhh).

Eating healthy at school is always going to be a problem since there is so much crap around ALL the time to eat.  I can feel my resolve getting stronger even when I’m out with friends (like last night) where I normally would eat whatever they were having but just avoided it and didn’t even think twice about it.  And I still went out and had fun with friends.  😀

I’m not a huge fan of the Four Hour Body eating lifestyle.  If you really don’t mind never eating regular types of bread carbs during the week, it’s great.  I feel like it’s a really restrictive diet and one that I just don’t see myself keeping in the long term.  If there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who keep lower, healthier weights while including grains in their diet, I think I’d rather be one of those people.

I think that I’m going to make the switch to the Body For Life eating plan.  It really seems like more of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle than 4HB (for me at least).  And, I miss carbs during the week.  I lost 20 pounds while still eating carbs.  Look at Jared from Subway!!!!

That’s my deal so far.  Two weeks of BFL are almost done and I’m excited to see the improvement that will come in the next two.  Saturday’s my cheat day (which I’m considering calling my food fun day since “cheat” sounds like I’m doing something naughty) and I made plans to go out to dinner with friends to enjoy eating whatever I want.  What’s your vote?  Burgers and fries or Mexican?!

I’m happy that these are my toughest choices nowadays.  🙂

Body For Life (Day 9) and Four Hour Body (Week 3)

18 Jan

So far, SO GOOD!!!  I’ve begun a new Body For Life challenge.  If you’ve never heard of BFL, it’s a 12 week long challenge that includes healthy eating and 6 days of exercise per week, alternating between strength training and high intensity interval training (or HIIT).  The Four Hour Body (4HB) diet is a slow carb diet which basically means meals every four hours that include protein, slow carbs like beans and veggies.  I’m currently doing a mix of BFL workouts and 4HB eating.

Tonight, I ran for a while for the first time in probably over a month.  I did okay, completing 1.5 miles at 5.3 mph.  My heart rate was a little bit high, so I’m going to give myself a break and ease back into running.

So far, since July when the fiancé and I started working out, I’ve lost just around 22 pounds, two full pants sizes and 7.1 inches from my bod!  I also ran two 5k’s and beat my goal for both of them.

The five most important, specific accomplishments I wish to achieve in the next ten and a half weeks include:  1 – Hit my goal weight of 140 pounds     2 – Run two miles in 20 minutes or less   3 – Complete at least 15 perfect push-ups    4 – Complete at least 45 perfect sit-ups    5 – Wear a bikini in June and feel GOOD about it!

The first four fitness goals are the minimum requirements I need to meet for the Army in the summer of 2012.  Since I have such a good head start ahead of me, I plan on meeting these goals by April and then working during the following year to become the fittest I have ever been so my training in the Army will be a breeze.

My whole weight loss journey began in the spring of 2006.  I was at an all-time high during college and tipped the scale at 188.8 pounds.  I still remember the sinking feeling I had when I saw that number.  I knew I had to change.  Since then, I haven’t weighed above 175 but I was still discouraged and uncomfortable with my weight and my body.  When I got engaged a year and a half ago, I knew I wanted to be slimmer for the wedding.  It wasn’t until this past June, when my fiancé and I started running and counting calories that I really started to turn my goals into reality.

By keeping this new blog, I hope to feel accountable to all three of you who may end up reading it on a regular basis.  I’m going to upload pictures of my own physical progress, pictures of awesome recipes as well as just use this as a journal for my dieting and working out.

Now, I have four and a half months until our wedding and I am determined to look super fit by June 5.  Let the healthy lifestyle continue!!!

Current weight = 150 pounds