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11 Feb

Okay – the reality of the past week was that I didn’t REALLY watch what I ate. Again.

I did better than I would have say, a year ago, but it was by no means a strict week.

So – I have realized in this little experiment of the last few weeks that I have to be on a stricter diet if I want to be diligent.  The wedding is less than four months away now and I would really like to be diligent.

HERE WE GO!!  I’m going to run, then get some groceries and cook up a few batches of food for the next couple of days.  Nom nom nom.  😀


Stress = Bad Eating

3 Feb

My good friend reminded me that I have failed to keep this blog update and in doing so, also fell off of the healthy eating wagon a little bit.

This week was one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had so far in grad school.  This semester is kicking my butt and I didn’t prepare accordingly to really succeed in my healthy eating all week.  I didn’t buy food to make for lunch and ended up eating a little poorly because of that.

So – what did I learn!?  This semester is going to be really difficult.  I’m taking 6 classes over four days and I need to really prepare myself each week to succeed.  I absolutely have to buy food to make for lunch and keep updating this blog to keep myself on track.

Tomorrow, I’m going to the grocery store to buy some ground turkey to make a new batch of turkey chili.  🙂  Nom nom nom.

On a good note though, I had a great run two days ago.  After taking a few months off of running, I’m getting back into it, gradually, and it’s going well.  I did a 20 minute run at 5.0.  It’s the longest I’ve run in at least a month but I felt good.  😀

Tomorrow will be my day to get back to healthy eating, prepare some food for the next week and have another great run.  Woooooot!!!!  (Early) Shabbat shalom and happy Thursday.