Run, Rabbi, Run

10 Dec

The hubby and I ran a 5k this morning and now I remember why I loved running so much! I feel so accomplished and healthy. After toying with the idea for a while, I’ve decided to officially find a half-marathon and start training for it.

We started running last July using an iPhone app and a plan called Couch to 5k, literally meant for people who have never run before. Well, it worked! I ran my first 5k last November and have run two since then. I changed my diet and that coupled with running and strength training, I’ve lot 20 pounds since last July and kept it off. It hasn’t always been easy but I feel so much better now than I did last year.

We’ve recommitted to running and eating healthy, so now we’re past the really exciting first two weeks of getting back into a healthy lifestyle and already on to the hard part…actually living it. The novelty has begun to wear off already but since we’re both doing so well, we’re definitely going to continue until we hit our goal weights. And it’s exciting.

So right now, this is what my plan is: run three times a week to prepare for a 10k and follow atom Ferriss’ Four Hour Body eating style (slow carb diet, no simple carbs during the week, one cheat day a week where you eat whatever you want). We may have to amp up our carb intake when we start running longer distances but we’ll see.

I’m really, really excited to have regained my motivation to run and lose weight. It feels awesome! Already, in the past two weeks, I’ve lost over 5 pounds (some of which I’m sure was water weight) and lost a few inches from my body overall. It feels awesome! My goal weight for right now is 145 and my current weight before our cheat day was 155.4.



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