Cheat Day Hangover

11 Dec

Yesterday was pretty fun in that we gave ourselves our weekly cheat day. I chose to grab bagels after our 5k and then Lane picked Dominos Pizza for lunch. It was a carb fest that ended in dinner at the famous Canter’s Deli on Fairfax.

The funniest part about our cheat day this week is that besides the bagel, which I really wanted earlier in the week…I wasn’t really craving a million different things. We made some kettle corn also, because I had wanted something sweet, but overall, my cravings were really better this week. (I like to tell Lane that last week, I could have killed him for some good chocolate. :0) )

We’re back on track today and it feels really good. It’s nice to want to be healthy again. This is week three now but I’ve decided that I’m really only keeping track to be able to see how much we lose in how much time. This is a lifestyle change and we really plan on making it just that.

I exciting news though, we decided that we’re going to train for a half marathon. We’re going to run one at the end of April and we’re both pretty excited about it. We’re going for length endurance instead of speed, so the training is going to take a lot of time. But it’ll be great.

Now, off to do some laundry because I’ve really been neglecting that whole commitment to being clean. Clean and healthy!! What a concept. ;0)


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