I’m a runner. Just accept it and bugger off.

4 Feb

After an unsettling snippet of conversation last night, I almost gave up on running entirely. It went something like this:

Friend at Shabbat table: Oh, you run!? In our neighborhood!? Let’s run together!!!

Me: Oh…well, I do run around here but I’m REALLLLLY slow. Like very slow. I wouldn’t want to hold you back…

Friend: No! That’s totally cool. I’d love to have a running buddy sometime.

Husband: No, she’s REALLY slow. Like REALLLLLLYYYYY SLOW.

Me: Uh, that’s not very nice.

Husband: I’m not saying it to be mean, it’s just you’re really slow…

Yes. Thank you. I think I got the point. Everyone now knows that I’m REALLLLY SLOW.

I was incredibly discouraged. Although my (darling?) husband didn’t really mean this offensively, I was hurt. He and I had run together for a few months this fall and even though we ran pretty slowly at times, I offered MILLIONS of times to run separately because of my snail pace. Each time, he said no, insisting that running together was more fun.

I’ve been trying to become a runner for over a year now. I started running with the Couch to 5k app on my phone July of 2010. I’ve run three 5k’s now, none of my times were stellar but I ran each of them without walking. I wasn’t exactly athletic while growing up. I did things like gymnastics, karate, and swimming when I was pretty young but I was a bowler in high school (not much cardio going on there) and didn’t start to work out in college until halfway through. I grew up with asthma and never became what I thought of as a “real” athlete.

Last year, I learned that running is mostly mental. It’s partly physical, obviously, but if I can get over the fact that my body may yell at me for about 5-10 minutes before becoming more comfortable, I’m golden. The rest is all about pushing myself mentally to say, “I can do this. I can finish this run. Even if I run at only a slightly faster pace than my walk, I can still do it.”

So, naysayers be damned, I’m a runner. I may be the slowest one at the 5k (realistically, I’m not, I can see the times) and I may be slower than you but that doesn’t mean I’m NOT a runner.

Now, I’m going to go lace up and take a nice, slow, Shabbat run. By myself. (Insert raspberry here.)


One Response to “I’m a runner. Just accept it and bugger off.”

  1. Lori Oster February 4, 2012 at 10:48 am #

    First, I didn’t know about the new bliggity blog. Love it.

    Second, you are a runner. I’ve seen it. Only *real* runners are capable of coercing their *definitely*not*runner sisters into running 5Ks on cold November mornings. And only real runners will endure 3.2 miles of said sister whining that “this effing sucks!” “Why the eff are we doing this!” “How much effing longer?”

    Third, you’re definitely not the slowest. I am.

    RUN, Rabbi, RUUUUUN!

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