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Confessions of a Chronic Napper

25 Mar

I will never understand why some people don’t enjoy a good nap past the age of 7.  What is there NOT to enjoy?!  Warm, cozy, comfy bed…check.  Fluffy, mushy pillow…check.  Awesome down comforter or super fuzzy blanket…check.  Come on!!  It’s so wonderful! 

My husband does NOT enjoy napping.  He even went so far to ask me if I was depressed because I napped two days in a row.  Um, no.  I am not depressed.  I am enjoying my free rights as a citizen of our great country to nap as I please.

The only thing that I find super depressing??  Being woken up from a really good nap.

That all being said, it was gross and rainy all day today so there was no running or rolling of any kind.  Pretty sad.  But the weather forecast for the week looks GOOD!!!  Bring it on!!


Roll, rabbi, roll!!! (Part 2!)

14 Mar

So, you know I’ve taken up commuting to school by bike at least one day a week for the rest of the semester (two when I can do it).  I found a new route which gives me maximal time on a bike lane which is really hard to find in Los Angeles.  I’m in the center of the city and GEEZ!!  You would think they don’t want us to ride our bikes.  Either way, I’m doing it.  And it’s awesome because by the time I get home from school, I have already been on my bike for an hour and 40 minutes!!!

I went to an awesome “Basic Wrenching” bike maintenance class last weekend at the coolest place in LA (at least for bike-y people).  It’s call The Bicycle Kitchen.  Basically, it’s a sweet “nonprofit bicycle repair educational organization” that has a bunch of used bike parts, bike stands and tools so anyone in LA can come in with a bike that needs some work and not just pay to have someone do it but have someone who is uber into bikes teach THEM how to fix it!  There’s a suggested donation of $7 per hour that you’re there, but they don’t make anyone pay and all of the “cooks” (i.e. bike nerds who teach you how to fix stuff) are all there on a volunteer basis because they are awesome and love bikes THAT much.  My instructor, MaBell, taught us how to fix flats on the road, take out a tube and insert a new one, adjust breaks, and of course, the anatomy of bikes.  It was really great and I feel much better now about being on my bike in the middle of the city.

In addition to being a rolling rabbi on my bike…I’ve acquired another way to roll around LA.  I have this strange obsession with learning how to snowboard (I’m not sure why or when it started) but last time we tried, we weren’t wearing helmets and my husband got a minor concussion.  That stopped it pretty quickly.  So, this is both how I’m going to train to learn to snowboard and commute short distances in the city.


This is an Arbor Koa Fish Longboard.  After learning well from my brother-in-law, I did a LOT of research before buying this board.  I got it from an awesome skate shop in Santa Monica which has been around since 1978.  It’s like a skateboard but modeled after a surfboard.  They’re for cruising (although the hardcore longboarders, including some BA women skaters, do craaaazy tricks on them while going down steep roads really quickly, or as the kids call it “bombing hills”).  I’m excited to stay on the board (as in not fall off) and learn to turn and “carve” or go side to side like you would on a snowboard.  Lane just got his skateboard from home (which is a really beat up old thing that I’m pretty sure he may have confiscated from a student before riding it around the halls of the school he taught at) and we’re going to hit up the path at the beach sometime soon.  

The coolest part about the Arbor skateboards is that they are made out of sustainable and recycled resources in San Francisco.  Woot for the environment.

Basically, I’m attempting to become the most BA rabbi possible.