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I’m a runner. Just accept it and bugger off.

4 Feb

After an unsettling snippet of conversation last night, I almost gave up on running entirely. It went something like this:

Friend at Shabbat table: Oh, you run!? In our neighborhood!? Let’s run together!!!

Me: Oh…well, I do run around here but I’m REALLLLLY slow. Like very slow. I wouldn’t want to hold you back…

Friend: No! That’s totally cool. I’d love to have a running buddy sometime.

Husband: No, she’s REALLY slow. Like REALLLLLLYYYYY SLOW.

Me: Uh, that’s not very nice.

Husband: I’m not saying it to be mean, it’s just you’re really slow…

Yes. Thank you. I think I got the point. Everyone now knows that I’m REALLLLY SLOW.

I was incredibly discouraged. Although my (darling?) husband didn’t really mean this offensively, I was hurt. He and I had run together for a few months this fall and even though we ran pretty slowly at times, I offered MILLIONS of times to run separately because of my snail pace. Each time, he said no, insisting that running together was more fun.

I’ve been trying to become a runner for over a year now. I started running with the Couch to 5k app on my phone July of 2010. I’ve run three 5k’s now, none of my times were stellar but I ran each of them without walking. I wasn’t exactly athletic while growing up. I did things like gymnastics, karate, and swimming when I was pretty young but I was a bowler in high school (not much cardio going on there) and didn’t start to work out in college until halfway through. I grew up with asthma and never became what I thought of as a “real” athlete.

Last year, I learned that running is mostly mental. It’s partly physical, obviously, but if I can get over the fact that my body may yell at me for about 5-10 minutes before becoming more comfortable, I’m golden. The rest is all about pushing myself mentally to say, “I can do this. I can finish this run. Even if I run at only a slightly faster pace than my walk, I can still do it.”

So, naysayers be damned, I’m a runner. I may be the slowest one at the 5k (realistically, I’m not, I can see the times) and I may be slower than you but that doesn’t mean I’m NOT a runner.

Now, I’m going to go lace up and take a nice, slow, Shabbat run. By myself. (Insert raspberry here.)