Confessions of a Chronic Napper

25 Mar

I will never understand why some people don’t enjoy a good nap past the age of 7.  What is there NOT to enjoy?!  Warm, cozy, comfy bed…check.  Fluffy, mushy pillow…check.  Awesome down comforter or super fuzzy blanket…check.  Come on!!  It’s so wonderful! 

My husband does NOT enjoy napping.  He even went so far to ask me if I was depressed because I napped two days in a row.  Um, no.  I am not depressed.  I am enjoying my free rights as a citizen of our great country to nap as I please.

The only thing that I find super depressing??  Being woken up from a really good nap.

That all being said, it was gross and rainy all day today so there was no running or rolling of any kind.  Pretty sad.  But the weather forecast for the week looks GOOD!!!  Bring it on!!


Roll, rabbi, roll!!! (Part 2!)

14 Mar

So, you know I’ve taken up commuting to school by bike at least one day a week for the rest of the semester (two when I can do it).  I found a new route which gives me maximal time on a bike lane which is really hard to find in Los Angeles.  I’m in the center of the city and GEEZ!!  You would think they don’t want us to ride our bikes.  Either way, I’m doing it.  And it’s awesome because by the time I get home from school, I have already been on my bike for an hour and 40 minutes!!!

I went to an awesome “Basic Wrenching” bike maintenance class last weekend at the coolest place in LA (at least for bike-y people).  It’s call The Bicycle Kitchen.  Basically, it’s a sweet “nonprofit bicycle repair educational organization” that has a bunch of used bike parts, bike stands and tools so anyone in LA can come in with a bike that needs some work and not just pay to have someone do it but have someone who is uber into bikes teach THEM how to fix it!  There’s a suggested donation of $7 per hour that you’re there, but they don’t make anyone pay and all of the “cooks” (i.e. bike nerds who teach you how to fix stuff) are all there on a volunteer basis because they are awesome and love bikes THAT much.  My instructor, MaBell, taught us how to fix flats on the road, take out a tube and insert a new one, adjust breaks, and of course, the anatomy of bikes.  It was really great and I feel much better now about being on my bike in the middle of the city.

In addition to being a rolling rabbi on my bike…I’ve acquired another way to roll around LA.  I have this strange obsession with learning how to snowboard (I’m not sure why or when it started) but last time we tried, we weren’t wearing helmets and my husband got a minor concussion.  That stopped it pretty quickly.  So, this is both how I’m going to train to learn to snowboard and commute short distances in the city.


This is an Arbor Koa Fish Longboard.  After learning well from my brother-in-law, I did a LOT of research before buying this board.  I got it from an awesome skate shop in Santa Monica which has been around since 1978.  It’s like a skateboard but modeled after a surfboard.  They’re for cruising (although the hardcore longboarders, including some BA women skaters, do craaaazy tricks on them while going down steep roads really quickly, or as the kids call it “bombing hills”).  I’m excited to stay on the board (as in not fall off) and learn to turn and “carve” or go side to side like you would on a snowboard.  Lane just got his skateboard from home (which is a really beat up old thing that I’m pretty sure he may have confiscated from a student before riding it around the halls of the school he taught at) and we’re going to hit up the path at the beach sometime soon.  

The coolest part about the Arbor skateboards is that they are made out of sustainable and recycled resources in San Francisco.  Woot for the environment.

Basically, I’m attempting to become the most BA rabbi possible.

Roll, Rabbi, roll!!!

28 Feb

WOOO!!!!  Day 1 of bike commuting – CONQUERED!!!

Los Angeles is not exactly one of the most bike friendly towns (ahem, it’s really not bike friendly at all) but it totally should be.  There is so much traffic everywhere and just too many cars in general.

So, I took the plunge and joined the commuting revolution.  Here is what I learned after today’s first commute:

1 – I need to slather sunscreen on my cheeks.  I’m like a little tomato now.  Oops!

2 – Side streets are a commuter’s best friend.

3 – I am super out of shape.

I only got one angry honk on the way to school and one guy almost opened his door right into my bike.  But I made it there and back in one piece.

How do I feel?  Fantastic.  My normal commute takes around 30 minutes door-to-door but biking takes about 50.  I feel energetic and pumped from getting such good exercise already!

Now we’ll see how long I need to wait before I can get on a bike again.  My bum is definitely sore.  🙂

Happy and sweaty commuter!!!

The husband and I have decided to ACTUALLY start living a healthy lifestyle again so this is just one part of my recommitment.  The other part is that we’ve planned a menu for the week and are logging our calories in LoseIt!, my favorite online and smart phone app for logging calories.

I’m commuting for more than just weight loss and health benefits though.  I’m sick of using my car to drive 7 miles to school and one or two miles to the store.  Gas is almost in the $4.40 range (waaaaahhh!?!?) and I refuse to waste any more money sitting in LA traffic.  This is a tiny way that I can try to cut down on pollution.

There’s a bike commuting revolution in many parts of America.  Do you commute?  How’s your commute going?!

I’m a runner. Just accept it and bugger off.

4 Feb

After an unsettling snippet of conversation last night, I almost gave up on running entirely. It went something like this:

Friend at Shabbat table: Oh, you run!? In our neighborhood!? Let’s run together!!!

Me: Oh…well, I do run around here but I’m REALLLLLY slow. Like very slow. I wouldn’t want to hold you back…

Friend: No! That’s totally cool. I’d love to have a running buddy sometime.

Husband: No, she’s REALLY slow. Like REALLLLLLYYYYY SLOW.

Me: Uh, that’s not very nice.

Husband: I’m not saying it to be mean, it’s just you’re really slow…

Yes. Thank you. I think I got the point. Everyone now knows that I’m REALLLLY SLOW.

I was incredibly discouraged. Although my (darling?) husband didn’t really mean this offensively, I was hurt. He and I had run together for a few months this fall and even though we ran pretty slowly at times, I offered MILLIONS of times to run separately because of my snail pace. Each time, he said no, insisting that running together was more fun.

I’ve been trying to become a runner for over a year now. I started running with the Couch to 5k app on my phone July of 2010. I’ve run three 5k’s now, none of my times were stellar but I ran each of them without walking. I wasn’t exactly athletic while growing up. I did things like gymnastics, karate, and swimming when I was pretty young but I was a bowler in high school (not much cardio going on there) and didn’t start to work out in college until halfway through. I grew up with asthma and never became what I thought of as a “real” athlete.

Last year, I learned that running is mostly mental. It’s partly physical, obviously, but if I can get over the fact that my body may yell at me for about 5-10 minutes before becoming more comfortable, I’m golden. The rest is all about pushing myself mentally to say, “I can do this. I can finish this run. Even if I run at only a slightly faster pace than my walk, I can still do it.”

So, naysayers be damned, I’m a runner. I may be the slowest one at the 5k (realistically, I’m not, I can see the times) and I may be slower than you but that doesn’t mean I’m NOT a runner.

Now, I’m going to go lace up and take a nice, slow, Shabbat run. By myself. (Insert raspberry here.)

Cheat Day Hangover

11 Dec

Yesterday was pretty fun in that we gave ourselves our weekly cheat day. I chose to grab bagels after our 5k and then Lane picked Dominos Pizza for lunch. It was a carb fest that ended in dinner at the famous Canter’s Deli on Fairfax.

The funniest part about our cheat day this week is that besides the bagel, which I really wanted earlier in the week…I wasn’t really craving a million different things. We made some kettle corn also, because I had wanted something sweet, but overall, my cravings were really better this week. (I like to tell Lane that last week, I could have killed him for some good chocolate. :0) )

We’re back on track today and it feels really good. It’s nice to want to be healthy again. This is week three now but I’ve decided that I’m really only keeping track to be able to see how much we lose in how much time. This is a lifestyle change and we really plan on making it just that.

I exciting news though, we decided that we’re going to train for a half marathon. We’re going to run one at the end of April and we’re both pretty excited about it. We’re going for length endurance instead of speed, so the training is going to take a lot of time. But it’ll be great.

Now, off to do some laundry because I’ve really been neglecting that whole commitment to being clean. Clean and healthy!! What a concept. ;0)

Run, Rabbi, Run

10 Dec

The hubby and I ran a 5k this morning and now I remember why I loved running so much! I feel so accomplished and healthy. After toying with the idea for a while, I’ve decided to officially find a half-marathon and start training for it.

We started running last July using an iPhone app and a plan called Couch to 5k, literally meant for people who have never run before. Well, it worked! I ran my first 5k last November and have run two since then. I changed my diet and that coupled with running and strength training, I’ve lot 20 pounds since last July and kept it off. It hasn’t always been easy but I feel so much better now than I did last year.

We’ve recommitted to running and eating healthy, so now we’re past the really exciting first two weeks of getting back into a healthy lifestyle and already on to the hard part…actually living it. The novelty has begun to wear off already but since we’re both doing so well, we’re definitely going to continue until we hit our goal weights. And it’s exciting.

So right now, this is what my plan is: run three times a week to prepare for a 10k and follow atom Ferriss’ Four Hour Body eating style (slow carb diet, no simple carbs during the week, one cheat day a week where you eat whatever you want). We may have to amp up our carb intake when we start running longer distances but we’ll see.

I’m really, really excited to have regained my motivation to run and lose weight. It feels awesome! Already, in the past two weeks, I’ve lost over 5 pounds (some of which I’m sure was water weight) and lost a few inches from my body overall. It feels awesome! My goal weight for right now is 145 and my current weight before our cheat day was 155.4.



11 Feb

Okay – the reality of the past week was that I didn’t REALLY watch what I ate. Again.

I did better than I would have say, a year ago, but it was by no means a strict week.

So – I have realized in this little experiment of the last few weeks that I have to be on a stricter diet if I want to be diligent.  The wedding is less than four months away now and I would really like to be diligent.

HERE WE GO!!  I’m going to run, then get some groceries and cook up a few batches of food for the next couple of days.  Nom nom nom.  😀